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Tsugami B0206E-III

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The Tsugami B0125E-III/B0126E-III/B0205E-III/B0206E-III machine family is possibly the most cost-effective machine range in its category.

These are swiss type lathes for ø12 or ø20 mm, depending on the version and with a kinematics of 5 or 6 linear axes and up to 2 C axes (8 CNC axes). Their compact kinematics, with a perfect optimisation of unproductive times, is the key to these machines achieving unbeatable times, which together with their competitive price make them the most profitable option on the market.

On the 6-axis machines, their counter-operation system with eight tools, four of which are live tools (including two radial) and with a Y-axis, allows, in turn, a completely symmetrical distribution of machining time between the spindle and counter-spindle, regardless of the type of operation to be performed.

As with the rest of the Tsugami range, these are machines with the latest technologies. Not only are the spindle and tailstock equipped with integrated liquid-cooled motors, but the barrel carrier itself is an integrated motor, eliminating all belt transmission. The fact that no belts are mounted on the guidebush makes it even more direct to change from guidebush to guidebushless operations for machining short parts.

The Abile automatic programming software, included in the basic machine package, allows the generation of programs from solids, their virtual simulation, collision checking and time calculation. Manual programming is also possible through its FANUC control.



Additional information

Diámetro máximo de barra (mm)

Ø12 (B0125-III, B0126-III) / Ø20 (B0205-III, B0206-III)

Carrera Z1 con cañón (mm)


Longitud máxima sin cañón (mm)


Número máximo de herramientas

21 (B0125-III, B0205-III) / 25 (B0126-III, B0206-III)

Número de ejes CNC

5 (B0125-III, B0205-III) / 6 (B0126-III, B0206-III)

Velocidad del cabezal (rpm)

12.000 (B0125-III, B0126-III) / 10.000 (B0205-III, B0206-III)

Velocidad del contracabezal (rpm)


Potencia del cabezal (kW)

1,5/2,2 (B0125-III, B0126-III) / 2,2/3,7 (B0205-III, B0206-III)

Potencia del contracabezal (kW)



FANUC 0i (B0125-III, B0205-III) / FANUC 32i-B (B0126-III, B0206-III)


2.000 (B0125-III, B0205-III) / 2.050 (B0126-III, B0206-III)

Dimensiones largo x alto x ancho (mm)

1155 x 1125 x 1700

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