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Muratec MT100

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The Muratec MT100 Horizontal Lathe is a compact, high quality, multi-purpose turning center that can be fully automated to turn it into a 3-axis, gantry production center. It is a high-precision, high-production capacity lathe, designed for the unattended production of highly complex parts on a single machine. This is possible thanks to the Gantry robot that incorporates, for the loading and unloading of pieces and also to the special design of its machines, that allows the integration within the productive chain like a production cell.

The MT 100 is a lathe with two opposed spindles, equal to the compact version of the MT-200. Multiple operations with multiple turrets, are an all-in-one solution of extreme flexibility for working with chuck or bar parts, in combination with the manufacturer’s own integrated flexible automation, high performance and compact design and the availability of Y-axis on all turrets are some of the main features of this machine.

With a smaller floor area than the MT-200 or MT-12, the MT-100 can be equipped with 2 or 3 turrets for simultaneous work. In despite of its size, it has a distance between spindles equal to that of the MT-12 while it is able to work with bars up to 51mm in diameter (optional) and a 6″ plate. Its turrets, with up to 15 motorized tools each, are driven by a 2.2Kw cont. motor and up to 6000 r.p.m.

High performance for high complexity and precision parts production

– Large bar work on both axes.

– Same size spindle motors on both spindles.

– Y-axis on all turrets

– Power tool function on all turrets and stations.

– Large capacity turrets (15 stations/12 stations)

– High-speed 3-axis CNC gantry loader

– Intelligent servo unloader (MT100)

Strong points

– Integrated and flexible automation for workpiece loading to the plate.

– Large tooling capacity for complex parts (up to 45 turret stations)

– Easy access to the spindle: The MT100 and MT200 models are designed to guarantee easy access to the main spindles, by reducing the distance between the front of the machine and the center of the spindle.

– Wide door opening: The wide door opening allows easy task management, replacement, tool change and maintenance work.

– Lower Turret Chip Flow: The lower turret is designed with adequate space for chips to fall so that no accumulation occurs (MT200).

– Operating panel: The buttons and layout of the operating panel are specifically designed to allow easy operation of all three turrets.

Additional information


Fanuc 31l

Estaciones de Torreta

2 Turrets 15×2, 3 Turrets 15×3

Espacio de trabajo

140 mm x 105 mm

Tamaño plato

165 mm

Load Capacity

5 kg


Speed : 5000 rpm

Potencia motor husillo

15 kW/30 min

Medidas Maquina

9000 Kg (with loader), Floor area : 3.070 mm x 2.115 mm, Weight : 8500 Kg

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