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The Tsugami HS38MH is a multi-spindle multi-tasking lathe. With a bar capacity of 38 millimetres, it is undoubtedly the machine in its category with the most possibilities: it allows working in the main spindle with its milling head and its 40 tool magazine CAPTO C4 while the back spinlde works independently, with three axes, in its own tooling system with 10 tools, 5 of them motorized and 5 fixed.

The simultaneous 5-axis milling capability makes this machine an ideal mix: a hybrid between a 6-axis Swiss type lathe and a 5-axis machining centre. Two machines in one.

Equipped with the latest technology in spindles with built-in motors (as well as the guidebush), the Tsugami HS38MH includes linear guides as a standard feature, always aimed at achieving maximum precision.

As usual with Tsugami machines, HS38MH can work indistinctly with or without guidebush and has all kinds of developed accessories.

In addition, the Abundant software for programming and managing the machine is included in the basic machine package.

Additional information

Diámetro máximo de barra (mm)


Carrera Z1 con cañón (mm)


Longitud máxima sin cañón (mm)


Número máximo de herramientas


Número de ejes CNC

7 + EJE B

Velocidad del cabezal (rpm)


Velocidad del contracabezal (rpm)


Velocidad del cabezal de fresado (rpm)


Potencia del cabezal (kW)

3,7 / 5,5

Potencia del contracabezal (kW)

3,7 / 5,5

Potencia del cabezal de fresado (kW)



FANUC 31i-B5



Dimensiones largo x alto x ancho (mm)

2930 x 2000 x 2160

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