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Kafo BMC 2012

Double column machining center

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This series is the fix-column bridge type machining center which adopts fixed crossbeam and column, but moveable table . X and Y axes use the roller type linear guide way, and Z axis offers box way or linear guide way according to customer’s needs. In addition, it can be equipped with various types of manual attaching head (90 degrees milling head, universal head,extension head, multi-directional head etc.). Applicable to all kinds of parts processing, mold mold processing, aluminum parts and aerospace transportation parts processing industry etc.

Additional information



Espacio de trabajo

2000 x 1100 mm

Capacidad de Carga

Max. 4000Kg

Distancia entre columnas

1350 mm


STD 6000 rpm

Potencia del Motor del husillo

15/18,5 kW

Desplazamiento X | Y | Z

2100 x 1200 x 800 mm

Desplazamiento Rápido X | Y | Z

20 / 20 / 15 m/min

ATC: Núm. Herramientas

BT50 30 tools, OPTIONAL: 40/60, Max. tool length : 400mm, Max. tool Ø : 125 mm, Max. tool weight : 20 Kg

Medidas Maquina

6.040 mm x 4.300 mm x 4.340 mm

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