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We are pleased to inform that Maquinser and Maquinsertek have added the KEN brand, the only 5 axis machining centers manufacturer in Asia, to their portfolio of represented brands in Portugal and Spain.

Ken CNC is the only taiwanese company specialized in 5 axis machining centers for the Automotive, Aeronautical and General Machining sectors.

Includes european components if the highest quality, along with the best professionals in Taiwan when manufacturing five axis high speed machining centers.

The Ken CNC are suited for

High perfomance aeronautical industry

Composites or aluminium, beams, frames, crossbeams, doors, panels, covers

High precisión for aeronautical components, motor covers and brackets, mechanisms.

Specficic models of materials such as Titanium, Stainless steel, special steels, alloys.

Automotive sector

Dies and Molds: oldes y matrices: Fenders, door panels, engine guard, molds for plastic injection; bumpers, instrument panels, door inner panels.

General Machining

Heavy components for: machine beds, naval, trains, aerogenerators, reducers.


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