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Tsugami B0326E-III

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Tsugami B0265E-III/B0266E-III/B0325E-III/B0326E-III are a family of machines for working up to diameter 26 and 32 millimeters respectively and in configurations of 5 and 6 linear axes (plus two C axes).

Their kinematics are based on two solid chucks, both with the possibility of mounting live tools and a tailstock that works on its own tool system, with or without Y2 axis, depending on whether it is a 5 or 6 axis version.

With a maximum capacity of 43 tools (in option), of which up to 26 can be motorized (with four independent motorized systems), few parts escape the possibilities of these machines.

The spindle, tailstock and barrel carrier are equipped with integrated, highly dynamic, beltless motors for maximum acceleration and indexing accuracy. Working without a barrel is possible for workpieces up to 70 mm in length (B032).

The Abile automatic programming software, included in the basic machine package, allows the generation of programs from solids, their virtual simulation, collision checking and time calculation. Manual programming is also possible through its FANUC control.

Additional information

Max. barstock diameter (mm)

Ø26 (B0265E-III, B0266E-III) / Ø32 (B0325E-III, B0326E-III)

Guide bushing max. machining length (mm)


Max. machining length

50 (B0265E-III, B0266E-III) / 70 (B0325-III, B0326E-III)

Max. number of tools

39 (B0265E-III, B0325E-III) / 43 (B0266E-III, B0326E-III)

Number of axes

5 (B0265E-III, B0325E-III) / 6 (B026E-III, B0326E-III)

Spindle Speed (rpm)

10.000 (B0265E-III, B0266E-III) / 8.000 (B0325E-III, B0326E-III)

Back Spindle Speed (rpm)

10.000 (B0265E-III, B0266E-III) / 8.000 (B0325E-III, B0326E-III)

Spindle motor (kW)

3,7 / 5,5

Back spindle motor (kW)

3,7 / 5,5


FANUC 0i-TF (B0265E-III, B0325E-III) / FANUC 32i-B (B0266E-III, B0326E-III)



Width x Depth x Height (mm)

2150 x 1280 x 1970

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